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      New Opportunity: RESTART Organizational Development Grant

      Join us on
      a Public Art Tour!

      Individual Artist Grant - Cycle 2 Deadline September 8, 2021

      Multi-year Grants Interim Reports — Deadline November 16, 2021

      Meet the 2021 Winnipeg Arts Council Award Winners

      Go for a walk
      with our mobile app!

      Museums Grants 2022 Applitions — Deadline November 16, 2021

      Dr. Moti Shojania

      Try a self-guided walk, run, ride or roll any time!

      a WITH ART anthology

      Updates to the Professional Development grant program

      Read WAC's
      2020 Annual Report!

      Advoting for 
      Basic Income for Artists

      COVID-19 and the Winnipeg Arts Council

      New works from Dunn Mercredi

      and the Winnipeg Arts Council

      Learn the stories behind
      the new public art 
      along the BLUE Line

      Visit Winnipeg's
      Public Art Gallery

      Indigenous Artists & the Winnipeg Arts Council

      Welcome to Ndinawe,
      a Youth WITH ART
      film series

      Explore Winnipeg's public art
      with this FREE GUIDEBOOK
      available around the City 
      at libraries, galleries,
      museums, hotels, and more...

      New Public Art
      is always in the Works!

      Watch our Art Matters video series!

      WAC Arts Billboard
      Your weekly listing of events, lls and culture

      Become a fan of our Facebook page to get all the news and happenings!

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